O’Connor’s skilled radiologists and physicians work closely with patients and primary care physicians. We provide accurate image interpretation to help diagnose diseases early and quickly.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Routine medical imaging: We use X-rays and other imaging devices to help diagnose different health issues such appendicitis or pneumonia.
  • Neurological imaging: Our expert physicians use various imaging devices, including MRI and CT, to help diagnose, monitor or treat various brain diseases such as stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injury.
  • Nuclear medicine imaging: This advanced imaging procedure allows our physicians to see molecules inside your body that are not visible on X-rays. Learn more about nuclear medicine.
  • Body and musculoskeletal imaging: Our orthopedists use various imaging devices to diagnose conditions of the bone, tissue, joint, ligaments and muscles throughout the body.
  • Interventional radiology: Our highly trained interventional radiologists use imaging technology to help guide them during diagnostic procedures, such as tissue biopsies and minimally invasive surgery. This technology ensures a more accurate procedure and better results.